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When is the Lilo & Stitch remake released? What will Stitch look like? Who is in the cast?

Everything we know so far about the live-action version of the 2002 Disney favourite

Lilo and Stitch, SEAC
Published: Wednesday, 5th February 2020 at 4:18 pm

Following on from a number of live-action remakes of classic Disney animations, their 2002 hit Lilo & Stitch is the latest to get the treatment.


The popular Hawaiian-set film about a little girl and a blue extra-terrestrial creature she adopts, has already spawned several direct-to-video sequels and spin-off TV series, so perhaps it was always only a matter of time before it was commissioned for a live-action feature.

Here’s everything we know about the remake so far…

When will the Lilo & Stitch remake be released?

Unlike many of Disney’s other recent live-action remakes, Lilo & Stitch is not expected to get a big-screen release. Instead, it will head straight to streaming platform Disney+.

A launch date for the new project has not yet been announced, but given that shooting is not expected to start until later in 2020, we will likely have a while to wait.

Who is in the cast?

In good news for fans of the original, Chris Sanders is reportedly voicing the role of Stitch, as he did in the animated version (which he also wrote and directed).

Further casting has not yet been revealed, but we’ll be keeping an eye on any updates.

What will Stitch look like?

Unless some startling scientific discovers are made in the next few months, Stitch will be the one character from the original film who will remain animated. It’s likely Disney will use the same CGI methods it used in other remakes such as Beauty and the Beast, and Dumbo.

Quite what a CGI version of Stitch will look like, though, remains to be seen. It will certainly be interesting to see how well the animation team are able to recreate the cuteness of the original character.

What is Lilo & Stitch about?

The 2002 film focuses on the relationship between the two titular characters: Lilo, a Hawaiian girl whose parents had died in a car accident, and Stitch, a genetically modified creature who had escaped from a lab in which he had been designed and headed to Earth with the intension of causing a ruckus.


After Lilo spots Stitch pretending to be a dog, she decides to adopt him – protecting him from the intergalactic federation who are trying to track him down, and forming a close bond in the process, which leads him to abandon his previous destructive tendencies.


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