Watch Deadpool gatecrash Gary Lineker’s FA Cup Final intro

“Deaddingtonpool Smythe” reckons he’s better at presenting football than Alan Shearer

Screen Shot 2018-05-20 at 10.34.12

Deadpool made a surprise cameo on Match of the Day on Saturday, interrupting Gary Lineker’s introduction to the FA Cup Final.


As part of Deadpool 2’s relentless marketing campaign, the Merc with the Mouth popped up on screen with the following announcement: “My name is Deaddingtonpool Smythe, the 12th Baron of Old Fordinghamshire-ham-shire, and I’m dead excited to welcome you to the FA Cup Final”.

The Ryan Reynolds-played character described the FA Cup as having “oodles of history, glory, tension, emotion” and polished off his skit, yelling: “Gary, that good for you? Better than Alan Shearer?”

Watch the full segment below…


Deadpool 2 is in UK cinemas now.

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