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This theory about Harry Potter creating his own Horcrux actually makes a lot of sense

Is there another reason the Boy Who Lived actually LIVED?

Published: Thursday, 15th September 2016 at 9:55 am

We all know Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived, was the 8th horcrux Lord Voldemort never intended to make – but what if Harry, who shared so many things with the big bad Voldy, ticked another box by accidentally making a Horcrux himself?


Now I know what you’re thinking but stay with us – we thought it was a little mad at first too.

But Tumblr user marauder4evr's argument that Fawkes the phoenix became Harry’s Horcrux in the Chamber of Secrets is well worth your time and consideration.

"Remember that time tiny innocent Harry Potter stabbed a gigantic snake?"


"I do! And I think that after he does this, a little piece of his soul jumped ship, merging with Fawkes’ soul. After all, Fawkes had landed on his arm in order to cry Harry back to life", maurauder4evr writes.

Now, we all know phoenix tears have healing powers, so there’s a bit of a hole there, but our plucky theorist isn’t done.


“That means that if Harry were to say, walk into the Forbidden Forest to stare Voldemort straight in the eye and accept his fate… he would come back," the theory continues.

"Because really, it’s never explained how Harry comes back. There have been a few feeble guesses. This is mine. The reason why Harry came back is because he couldn’t die because a piece of his soul was in Fawkes."

"As long as Fawkes is alive, Harry cannot ever truly die."

But hold on, isn't Fakwes basically immortal, rising from the ashes every time he dies?

"And now you see the best part of the theory!", maurauder4evr exclaims.

"No matter how much Fawkes dies, he always comes back. Fascinating creatures, phoenixes. Fawkes can never die. Which means, if you believe in this theory, that neither can Harry. Which means that Harry can never die."

"Which means that Harry Potter will always be The Boy Who Lived."


Hold on a sec, though, didn’t JK Rowling tell her publisher the exact process for making a Horcrux? And wasn’t it said to be utterly gruesome?

Well, yes. But that’s where the ‘accidental’ horcrux concept comes back in. If it’s a horcrux you never intended to make, perhaps things change.

As maurauder4evrs put it:

“No, wait, no. J.K. Rowling said it herself – in order to create a horcrux, you have to perform a ritual so disgusting that her editor nearly vomited when hearing about it. Clearly her editor has never read fanfiction but I digress. It is true that usually some big dark ritual is performed in order to create a horcrux."

"Except for one occasion."

That occasion being the night he accidentally transferred a sliver of his soul into Harry James Potter.


And let’s face it, the idea that there could be a whole extra layer of meaning to The Boy Who Lived, a layer of meaning far more magical than we originally thought, is just too good to completely rule out.


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