Meet the cast of Spider-Man: Far From Home

Peter Parker’s list of classmates and enemies has only grown in his latest Marvel adventure

Samuel L Jackson, Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal in the Spider-Man: Far From Home poster (Sony, Marvel)

Every Marvel superhero franchise has its own supporting cast, but the Spider-Man movies take it to another level.


Between his close friends and family, superhero allies, schoolmates and dastardly foes, Tom Holland’s webslinger has a LOT of different people to contend with in new movie Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Take a look at the full cast list below.

Tom Holland is Peter Parker/Spider-Man


Fresh from the events of Avengers: Endgame, Peter must decide if he wants to fill the shoes of his old mentor Iron Man – or whether his personal life comes first.

Kicking off his career onstage as Billy Elliot in London’s West End, Holland’s first major screen role came in 2012 tsunami drama The Impossible, with parts soon following in Wolf Hall, How I Live Now and In the Heart of the Sea.

Best known for his role as Spider-Man, since landing the part he has also starred in The Lost City of Z, Pilgrimage and The Current War, and will soon appear in Chaos Walking, The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle and animated movies Onward and Spies in Disguise.

Jake Gyllenhaal is Quentin Beck/Mysterio


A new hero on the scene, Beck claims to be from a parallel dimension, and has powerful abilities – including flight and energy projection – to prove his point.

Former teen star Gyllenhaal broke out in movies like City Slickers, October Sky and Donnie Darko, and later moved into blockbusters like The Day After Tomorrow and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and critical darlings like Nightcrawler, Jarhead, Brokeback Mountain, Nocturnal Animals and Source Code.

Ironically, Gyllenhaal was once a candidate to take over the lead role in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy following fears over Tobey Maguire’s health – now, 15 years later, he finally joins the franchise.

Samuel L Jackson is Nick Fury

Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury (Marvel, HF)
Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury (Marvel, HF)

Back from the dead after Avengers: Endgame, super-spy Fury has to contend with a world that’s moved on in his five-year absence – as well as a teenage superhero who won’t play ball…

Movie legend Samuel L Jackson has appeared in Star Wars movies, Jurassic Park movies and a huge number of Quentin Tarantino films, and that barely scratches the surface of his long and storied career.

Highlights have included Jackie Brown, Shaft, Patriot Games, True Romance, The Incredibles, Goodfellas, Pulp Fiction, Die Hard With a Vengeance, Deep Blue Sea, Black Snake Moan, Coach Carter, Django Unchained, Kingsman: The Secret Service, Unbreakable and many many others, and that’s not to mention the 11 Marvel movies (including Far From Home) he’s appeared in as Nick Fury.

Zendaya is MJ

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After opening up to her classmates in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Michelle “MJ” Jones (the MCU version of Mary Jane Watson) is the secret crush of Peter Parker. But can he get the girl AND save the world?

A Disney star turned musician and actor, Zendaya first appeared in family TV sitcom Shake It Up, and also starred in Disney’s K.C. Undercover, Black-ish, The OA and various reality TV shows as her self.

After her casting in Spider-Man: Homecoming she starred in The Greatest Showman and Yeti animation Smallfoot, and is among the cast of Denis Villeneuve’s much-anticipated sci-fi adaptation Dune. She currently stars in HBO teen drama Euphoria.

Jacob Batalon is Ned Leeds

Peter Parker’s best friend and confidante, Ned has his own relationship dramas when he picks up a new girlfriend.

Filipino-American actor Batalon made his acting debut in 2016 movie North Woods, and has also appeared in Every Day, Blood Fest, Banana Split and upcoming Young Adult adaptation Let It Snow.

He’s best known for his role as Ned, which he debuted in 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and reprised in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame in small cameo roles.

Cobie Smulders is Maria Hill

Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill in the 2012 Avengers film (Marvel, HF)
Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill in the 2012 Avengers film (Marvel, HF)

Nick Fury’s trusted right hand, Maria has to adjust to a changed world when the Elementals attack

Before her casting as ex- SHIELD agent Hill, Canadian star Smulders was best known for her main role in US sitcom How I Met Your Mother, where she played journalist Robin Scherbatsky.

Other TV series Smulders has starred in include Smallville, The L World, Netflix’s A Serues of Unfortunate Events and Friends From College, while movie roles include They Came Together, Delivery Man, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and voice cameos in both Lego Movies.

As Maria Hill she has appeared in six Marvel movies (including Spider-Man: Far From Home and Infinity War’s post-credits scene) and three episodes of spin-off TV series Agents of SHIELD.

Jon Favreau is Happy Hogan

Actor Jon Favreau arrives for the premiere of Disney Pictures and Lucasfilm's

The former bagman and head of security to Tony Stark, Happy must find a new place for himself now his best friend and boss is gone. 

Director and actor Favreau made his debut as Tony Stark’s bodyguard in the original 2008 Iron Man movie (which he also helmed), returning for the sequels and other Marvel films like Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Endgame.

In his acting career Favreau has appeared in films and TV shows including Solo: A Star Wars Story, Friends, Swingers, Daredevil and Chef.

As a director he’s worked on films including The Jungle Book, the first two Iron Man movies, Zathura, Elf, Cowboys and Aliens and the upcoming Lion King remake. He is also currently the showrunner and creator of upcoming Star Wars streaming series The Mandalorian.

Marisa Tomei is Aunt May

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Now aware of her nephew’s secret identity, May ropes Peter into supporting her charity work as Spider-Man while pursuing new romantic possibilities.

Following TV turns in As the World Turns and Cosby Show spin-off A Different World, Tomei shot to international fame with her Oscar-winning role in My Cousin Vinny. Other film appearances included What Women Want, Anger Management, Chaplin, The Wrestler (which earned her an Oscar nomination), Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Ides of March, The Lincol Lawyer, The Big Short and The First page.

As May Parker she’s appeared in four Marvel movies including Far From Home and her cameo in Avengers: Endgame.

Tony Revolori is Flash Thompson


Peter’s rival and the school’s resident rich kid, Eugene “Flash” Thompson has cultivated a big online following after streaming their European trip.

Revolori’s breakout role came as Zero Moustafa in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest hotel, and he has also starred in Dope, The Perfect Game, Table 19, The Sound of Silence, Entourage, My Name is Earl and Workaholics among other roles.

Martin Starr is Mr Harrington

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Returning in a bigger role after Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter’s hapless teacher Mr Harrington is chaperoning the school trip around Europe.

One of Starr’s first parts came as awkward teenager Bill Haverchuck in Freaks and Geeks, and over the years he also became known for his roles in sitcoms like Party Down and Silicon Valley. Other TV roles include How I met Your Mother, The Goldbergs, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, Community and even Game of Thrones, where he cameoed as an Ironborn soldier in the very last series.

He’s also had memorable parts in films like Knocked Up, Superbad, Adventureland, Walk Hard, This Is the End and Veronica Mars the movie, often turning up in Judd Apatow productions.

J.B. Smoove is Mr Dell

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Peter’s paranoid science teacher is a less than calming presence when the school trip starts to go awry…

Stand-up and actor Smoove has appeared in films including Movie 43, Date Night, Hall Pass, We Bought a Zoo, The Dictator and many more. His TV credits include Law & Order, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Everybody Hates Chris, Def Comedy Jam, The Millers and Real Husbands of Hollywood, where he plays a fictionalised version of himself.

Smoove’s part in Far From Home was written for him specially after director Jon Watts and the screenwriters enjoyed an advert he co-starred in with Tom Holland to promote both Audi and Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Remy Hii is Brad Davis

Peter’s new rival Brad also has his eye on MJ, and is prepared to do just about anything to win her away from his classmate.

Australian actor Hii has previously starred in Neighbours, Better Man, Netflix’s Marco Polo, Sisters, Crazy Rich Asians and Harrow.

Angourie Rice is Betty Brant

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Another classmate of Peter’s, Betty embarks on a new relationship with Ned when they travel through Europe.

Most recently seen as the titular Rachel in Black Mirror film Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too, Rice has also appeared in The Nice Guys, The Beguiled, Lady in Black and Walking with Dinosaurs among other roles.


Spider-Man: Far From Home is released in UK cinemas on Tuesday 2nd July