Henry Cavill jokingly acknowledges his controversial moustache

His facial fuzz has been causing havoc between Justice League and Mission: Impossible 6


For a few quid, a razor could quickly get rid of Henry Cavill’s moustache. But the producers of Justice League have so far paid around $25 million to erase it from re-shoots of the upcoming movie.


It was previously reported that between making both Justice League and Mission: Impossible 6, Henry’s tache is causing a hair-raising headache.

Now the Superman actor has addressed the controversial growth, writing this hilarious post on Instagram:

The whole drama arose in the first place because despite filming having supposedly finished on Justice League, many of the cast (including Henry) have been recalled for reshoots.


However, it’s meant that Henry’s moustache has got caught in the crossfire between Paramount and Warner Bros, with the Mission: Impossible 6 producers refusing to let him shave off his facial hair, meaning it will have to be digitially removed from the Justice League footage.