Ex-Bond girl Jane Seymour says “it’s time” for female 007 and teases spin-off

The actress who starred in Live and Let Die has weighed in on the gender argument surrounding Bond, joking she could play M in a female-focused spin-off

Jane Seymour

It’s time for a female James Bond. At least, that’s according to Jane Seymour, the actress who played the character of Solitaire in 1973’s Live and Let Die.


The statement comes amid rumours that the upcoming Bond film No Time to Die will see the iconic 007 codename handed to Nomi, played by Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel). Speaking at the premiere of her new film Highly Strung, Seymour enthused about the possibilities of a gender-switched Bond entry.

“More power to the women… why not?”, she said. “It’s time.” Seymour noted how well the franchise had adapted to change in the past. “I remember, when I did Live And Let Die, Roger Moore joined after Sean Connery and everyone said that can never happen.”

The production company Eon had previously touted the idea of a female-centric spinoff, starring Halle Berry as her character Jinx from 2002’s Die Another Day.

Musing on the idea of this spin-off, Seymour said: “I am a huge fan of Halle Berry , and a huge fan of Barbara [Broccoli]’s so yes, why not? It is a very good idea. Take me too. I’ll be her M. I love the franchise.”

Much like James Bond, M has been played by a number of different actors through the years, including Bernard Lee and Robert Brown. For two decades, between 1995 and 2015, the role was filled by Dame Judi Dench – a great example of the benefits of gender-flipping a time-tested character.

Seymour has recently been seen starring in the second season of the Netflix sitcom The Kominsky Method.

Piers Morgan expressed outrage at Seymour’s statements on Good Morning Britain, saying: “I love Jane Seymour, absolutely think she’s wonderful, but this is so wrong. We don’t need a female James Bond, because his name is James Bond.”


No Time to Die, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, will be released in cinemas on 2nd April, 2020. For this film at least, the role of M will be going to Ralph Fiennes – and Bond will still be a man, for the time being.