As cinemas start to re-open in England - albeit with new safety measures and restrictions in place - film fans can once again begin to look forward to new big screen releases, and one of the first films set to land in cinemas is Black Water: Abyss.


The Australian thriller - which is no relation to the Jean-Claude Van Damme film Black Water from 2018, but is a sequel of sorts to the 2007 horror film Black Water - sees a group of explorers unexpectedly fight for survival after they are confronted by a group of hungry crocodiles. So it certainly won't make for a relaxing return to the big screen!

Read on to find out everything you need to know about the film, including where you can see it and who's in the cast.

When is Black Water: Abyss released in UK cinemas?

The film is all set to debut in UK cinemas on Friday 10th July 2020 - making it one of the very first new releases since the coronavirus pandemic saw cinemas across the country close their doors.

Which cinemas are showing Black Water: Abyss?

First things things - while cinemas have been given the go ahead to reopen in England, more strict restrictions have remained in place in the devolved countries, and so it looks like viewers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland aren't yet in a position to see the film.

In England, as things stand Odeon currently have ten locations open - and aim to have the rest up and running by 16th July, while Showcase will have 17 of their cinemas open when Black Water: Abyss is released.

If you want to catch the film via Cineworld or Vue you'll have to wait a while (crocodile) - with those two chains both pushing back their reopening dates to 31st July, citing a lack of new releases - but it's possible that when they do open the film could still be shown,

What is Black Water: Abyss about?

Black Water: Abyss

The film centres on an adventure-mad couple who invite their friends on an exploration at a remote, uncharted cave system in Northern Australia.

The expedition begins to go South when a tropical storm approaches and the group abseil into a cave for cover - only, they soon find that they are trapped, with the caves quickly flooding as the storm rages on.

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And that's not the half of it: the gang soon find that they aren't alone in the cave, it is also populated by a group of hungry crocodiles - how long before they all snap under pressure.

Who is in the cast of Black Water: Abyss?

One of the stars, Jessica McNamee, has previous for appearing in a survival movie featuring a deadly water-dwelling animal having been in the cast for Jason Statham film The Meg, while other roles include portraying Australian tennis legend Margaret Court in Battle of the Sexes.

Joining her in the cast are former Home and Away star Luke Mitchell - who more recently portrayed Lincoln Campbell in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD and Amali Golden, whose credits include Australian drama series Bloom and small roles in Thor: Ragnarok and The Invisible Man.

And the main cast is rounded out by Anthony J. Sharpe, best known for his recurring role as Cecil Yates on Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, and Benjamin Hoetjes who previously starred on The Code.

Black Water: Abyss trailer

You can get your first taste of the action - and a first glimpse at a gruesome crocodile attack - in the trailer below.

You can also watch two spin-chilling clips from the croc thriller below... brrrrr.


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