A clever Harry Potter fan spotted a link between British royalty and the fate of Fred Weasley

And it makes total sense!


You wouldn’t think there’s all that much left to discover about JK Rowling’s mischievous, loveable Weasley twins. But one clever fan has concocted a theory about Fred and George that makes us think of the brothers in a whole new light…


You might have noticed that all the Weasley characters share their names with British royalty. There’s Arthur, Bill (William) Ginevra (a form of Guinevere), Percival, Ron (the name of Arthur’s spear), Fred (Frederick) and George.

With this in mind, an eagle-eyed fan has noticed that Fred’s death (we still struggle to talk about it) was actually foreshadowed when George’s ear was cursed off by a Death Eater. Yep, if we’d paid more attention in history class, we might have guessed the tragic fate that awaited poor Fred.

Why? Because in real life, King George III was deaf in one ear and ascended to the throne in 1760 only because of the shocking early death of Prince Frederick – the heir apparent – who died sometime after his 44th birthday.


Another of JK Rowling’s mind-blowing hidden clues – or just a coincidence? You decide…