10 adult Easter Eggs hidden in Disney films

Don't let the bright colours fool you


It’s no secret Disney films are packed with added extras. Some Easter Eggs are for the film buffs – for example noticing that Sid’s house in Toy Story has the same patterned carpet as the hotel in The Shining. Others are for the adults who are no doubt watching the same cartoon for the 400th time. Sorry, 4,000th time. The chickens clucking the much more adult version of Cee Lo Green’s Forget You in 2010’s The Muppets, for example, is bound to go over little heads.


They’re keeping up with the times, too. Recent release Zootopia snuck a neat reference to Breaking Bad into its plot with two lab-based rams called Jesse and Walter. Just as long as your kids didn’t instantly assume they were cooking up meth, eh?