27 things that happened the same year Harry Potter was first published

Here's how the world looked in 1997, when we first set foot on Platform 9 & 3/4


As years go, 1997 was a pretty magical one…

1. Tony Blair became Prime Minister

2. Dolly The Sheep proved animals could be cloned

3. The UK won the Eurovision Song Contest with Love Shine A Light by Katrina and The Waves



4. And bid a tearful farewell to Princess Diana


5. Three unsuspecting young ladies called Maisie Williams, Kylie Jenner and Malala Yousafzai were all born


6. And four funny looking creatures called The Teletubbies said Eh-Oh

7. A group of northern lads made pop culture history on the unemployment line

8. R Kelly made us all believe we could fly

9. Everyone wanted to play one of these


10. Or catch one of these (nothing changes, eh?)


11. And probably knew ALL of the words to this

12. Will Smith was doing a Doctor Who and policing the planet’s aliens

13. While Jeff Goldblum went back to a VERY famous park

14. A group of Wannabes stole our hearts by singing a nice song about their mums

15. And pinched Prince Charles’ bottom at the Prince’s Trust Royal Gala while they were at it

16. Someone had a lucky streak at the snooker


17. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet set sail on a fateful cinematic voyage

18. It was the Perfect Day for Children In Need

19. We spent the summer Mmmmbopping…

20. … missing you…

21. And repeating the words never ever over and over, too

22. Saturday mornings looked like this

23. Or this

24. Or maybe even this

25. Saturday nights, meanwhile, looked a little like this


26. Two lads proved Britain had talent long before Britain’s Got Talent by releasing this

27. And those wannabes we mentioned earlier rounded off the year with a VERY important film

Did we mention we got our hands on a pretty magical novel for the first time. too?


Talk about your nineties mischief managed.