Hollyoaks: five things Freddie Roscoe could do next

Hitman? Escort? Copper? The world is his oyster


We’ve just bid farewell to Freddie Roscoe, the last of the cockney clan who arrived in Hollyoaks four years ago full of bravado, brawn and biceps.


Tonight’s E4 episode was Fred’s final fling as we saw him go on the run after his brutal attack on Nick Savage, deciding at the last minute to leave girlfriend Ellie Nightingale behind.

So after that emotional exit, we’ve been wondering what Freddie could do next in his new life, lying low in South Africa with daughter Lexi.

Fred certainly kept busy in his years in Hollyoaks, and has developed a range of transferrable skills. And as Charlie Clapham notes he hasn’t been killed off: “I was flattered about that – I think it’s a good sign. Freddie’s venturing off to South Africa and I hope he’s going to be chilling out with the other Roscoes for now. But I like to think of the possibility of going back to Hollyoaks one day.”

Until then, here’s some suggestions for Freddie’s new career.



The obvious choice for his next career – Fred was a gun for hire numerous times so he’d definitely be able to make a living making a killing. No one knows their way around a shotgun or has a bigger bulging contact book crammed full of underworld goons like Mr Roscoe, and he’s great at covering his tracks – he sparked a whodunit when he murdered stepdad Fraser Black, and there was that time he faked his death and miraculously came back to life – the man can’t be stopped, like a tattooed Terminator.


Flip that last idea and Freddie could live life on the right side of the law for a change, maybe by way of exchange for keeping him out of prison? Prone to being easily led as long as there’s something in it for him he wouldn’t take a great deal of persuading to switch teams, and Fred also has a keen insight into the mind of a criminal because he actually is one. Although the fact he was married to a serial killer for ages and didn’t even realise doesn’t bode well for a career in sleuthing…


Now we’re talking. The Roscoe rapscallion had that many notches on his bedpost it looked like the rats had been gnawing at it, and his legendary eye for the ladies could become a full-time profession. He’s got a broad appeal – gobby high-maintenance types (Sinead O’Connor), tarts with hearts (Mercedes McQueen), posh princesses (Ellie Nightingale), minted cougars (Marnie Nightingale – yes he did the mother/daughter double, the dog!), there’s something for everyone. He’d make a fortune.


Beneath the leather jacket and vest combo Fred’s ink was one of his defining features – and with Tattoo Fixers being all the rage right now he’s bound to have picked up a few tips from the hours he must have spent down the tattoo parlour. Maybe he could open his own business? Mum Sandy could take the money and keep punters entertained with some chirpy cockney banter.


Failing all of that, he could go back to what he’s actually trained to do, and the reason he came to Hollyoaks in the first place, which is fix cars. But that’s not very exciting, which is probably why he never spent much time doing it in the show – he was too busy being a bed-hopping gun-toting gangster-killing tattoo-laden legend. Good luck in all your future endeavours, Freddie Roscoe!


Hollyoaks continues weeknights on E4 at 7pm, and on Channel 4 at 6.30pm.