Emmerdale: Ashley to die from crash injuries? “It’s a reasonable suspicion,” says John Middleton

"It would be a spectacular and exciting way of going," adds the actor


Emmerdale star John Middleton has spoken out about suggestions that his character Ashley Thomas will die as a result of the soap’s upcoming car crash.


“It’s a reasonable suspicion,” said the actor. “And it would be a spectacular and exciting way of going. It may, quite literally, launch my career from here! For the show and for all of us involved, it’s a great showcase. So, if this is the way I’m leaving, it’s great.”

Thursday’s double bill will see Ashley deciding to attend daughter Dotty’s christening, only for his dementia symptoms to worsen.


After returning from the church, Ashley gets increasingly confused and starts to believe that he’s late for the service that he’s only just attended:

“Ashley has just been having a lie down and he’s woken in a panic, knowing that something important has got to happen on this day.

“He looks in his memory book, sees Dotty’s christening, notices that there’s nobody in the house and rushes out and into the car – forgetting that he shouldn’t be driving anymore. And that’s what brings us to this awful moment.”

Emmerdale has already revealed that at least one villager is to die as a result of the smash up and that show regulars including Aaron, Robert, James, Emma, Paddy and Rhona are also in jeopardy.

But fans will have to wait until the final scene of Friday’s episode to find out who has breathed their last.

You can watch a 60-second rundown of next week’s episodes of Emmerdale below.


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