Soap spoilers! The week ahead in Coronation Street, Emmerdale and EastEnders

26 Jan-1 Feb: Cameron makes an ominous return to Emmerdale, plus Gail's dream to leave Weatherfield looks set to turn into a nightmare




Cameron returns and tells Chas that he would never lie to her. What? Not even if she were to ask whether he clobbered Carl with a brick and buried Alex in the woods? And Chas may well have cause for concern when she sees Cam pick up a wrench after he loses his temper with Cain. Not that this is her only concern: she’s also having to contend with Debbie’s spite and Bernice’s sarcasm. Life was a lot more peaceful in that cell, eh Chas?

Coronation Street

Bank customers can have all the passwords and pin numbers they want, but there’s one person they’ll never be able to protect themselves from: the artful Lewis Archer. With plans well in motion to part Gail from her cash, all Lewis now needs are the log-in details to her account. Cue Kylie, who finds herself the victim of the smooth bar steward’s blackmail attempts. So will Gail’s Italian dream have become a nightmare by the week’s end?



Despite repeatedly cheating on her and — at one point — being buried alive by her in Epping Forest, Max has always managed to worm his way back into Tanya’s life. But Kirsty’s arrival has proven to be too much even for the forgiving Tan, who’s boxed up the rest of Max’s things and now seems determined to move on. Alfie is someone else who’s not looking back: just check out the plaque with Roxy’s name on it above the door of the Vic. Now, put those claws away, Kat!