Roy Cropper-lypse Now! TV fans pick Coronation Street to end the world with

When the Mayan-predicted apocalypse comes, more of us would like to be watching the "nation's favourite soap" than Doctor Who or Downton Abbey, according to a new poll


With the end of the world officially* less than 24 hours away, there’s obviously only one question on any sane person’s lips – what television show are you going to choose to see in the apocalypse? 


And the answer is… Coronation Street, of course.  Yes, that’s right, 11% of Brits would like to spend their final moments on earth enjoying a virtual pint with Ken Barlow et al in the Rovers, or listening to inane chitter-chatter in Roy’s Rolls.  Well, it is “the nation’s favoutite soap”…

But it was a close run thing because Doctor Who and Downton Abbey weren’t far behind, both garnering 9% of the vote in the End-of-the-World poll by catch-up TV service YouView.

8% of people would like to spend their final minutes watching people try to stop other people blowing up the world in Homeland, whereas 7% of viewers would like to finish their mortal days watching people less fortunate than themselves living out a miserable existence in EastEnders’ Albert Square. 

Oddly, few fancy a laugh as the sky falls in, with not one comedy making it into the top five.  Dad’s Army was the top ranking sitcom attracting 5% of votes in joint sixth place. 

Whatever your plans for this year’s apocalypse, do wrap up warm.  It’s going to be chilly tomorrow.


* according to the Mayan calendar