Soap pick of the day: Emmerdale – Paddy comes a cropper in a canoe

The despondent vet gets himself stuck. Will Marlon come to his aid?


Katie’s lies come back to haunt her tonight. Gennie visits Megan to explain that Katie set Robbie up with the CCTV camera at the stables to make it appear that he came on to her. Armed with the news, Megan then goes to see Declan and refuses to budge until Katie explains why she acted in the way she did.


At the prison, Dan confronts has about her actions and she explains that she had to kill Carl to stop him from raping her and becomes tearful. Dan sees her distress and his heart breaks as Chas tells him everything about Carl and the blackmail. He holds out his hand for her, his anger dissipated. He tells Chas he still feels the same about her and makes her promise to call him if things ever get too much for her. 


But the biggest drama of the episode comes when a despondent Paddy takes a canoe out onto the river and loses his grip on the paddle. Will Marlon come to the aid of his former friend or just leave him to stew?