Emmerdale spoilers: Carl King’s funeral – preview and pics

Find out what happens at the church service in next week's episodes...


It’s fair to say that Jimmy is having trouble grieving for Carl: “I’m burying my brother and it turns out everybody hated him,” he says to Megan next week. “Worse still, that includes me.” 


It’s true that the comments he’s overheard from villagers haven’t exactly been positive. Lizzie describes Carl as having  “a heart of purest granite”, while little Amelia comments, “I reckon his brother’s going to hell” when she thinks Jimmy’s out of earshot.

But the funeral does indeed go ahead on Thursday and it’s an occasion made especially tense by the issue of Jimmy having, by this stage, told Thomas and Anya exactly how and why their father was killed. 

Then there’s the fact that, on the night before the service, a drunken Jimmy confesses Carl’s darkest secret to Scarlett and Nicola: “He murdered Dad,” he slurs. “Pushed him through the window.”


At the church then, it’s not long before an increasingly upset Thomas shocks everyone with an outburst about the man Carl really was. He then leaves, only to be found later by a concerned Edna who tries to make him understand that he just has the one chance to say goodbye to his father. 


There’s no such comfort for Jimmy though, who ends the day by breaking down, blaming himself for the whole sorry state of affairs. So will Thomas pay his respects? And can Nicola convince Jimmy that what happened to Carl wasn’t his doing?