Billy Mitchell takes on EastEnders Red Button Olympic challenge

Perry Fenwick will be joined by Omid Djalili, Dame Kelly Holmes, Tessa Sanderson, Matt Baker and Alex Jones in a spin-off episode


EastEnders mainstay Billy Mitchell will be the focus of a spin-off episode of the soap later this month.


Mitchell is to carry the Olympic torch through Albert Square live on air during the episode of EastEnders due to go out on Monday 23 July, and Billy’s Olympic Nightmare will air in the run up to the occasion.

Available via the BBC’s Red Button service, the episode will see Mitchell fretting about his responsibilities as an Olympic torch-bearer and suffering nightmares about things going wrong on the big day.

Finding himself running late for a series of events at Olympic venues around London, Billy enlists the help of a “cheeky” cabbie called Hercules, played by comedian Omid Djalili, to get him around town. 

A brace of guest stars including Dame Kelly Holmes, Tessa Sanderson and One Show hosts Matt Baker and Alex Jones also make appearances in the mini-drama to help Billy out along the way, but, as the EastEnders website ponders: “Can they help turn Billy’s nightmare into a triumph?”

Talking about the episode, actor Perry Fenwick who plays Billy in EastEnders, said: “Like Billy, I am also terrified at what might go wrong as I carry the Olympic torch through Albert Square.

“Filming this was like a dress rehearsal of my worst nightmare! It was strange filming at West Ham as again, like Billy, I feel it’s my home. I’m over the moon to be carrying the torch through Walford, and working with the likes of Dame Kelly Holmes has made me even more excited to do so!”

Billy’s Olympic Nightmare will be available on BBC Red Button and BBC iPlayer straight after EastEnders on Monday 16 July.


Watch the spin-off’s trailer below: