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What are the little Rio 2016 statues the athletes are given during the medal ceremonies?

What's the point of those little figurines? And what will athletes do with them afterwards?

Published: Friday, 19th August 2016 at 11:47 am

It's the culmination of a lifetime's blood, sweat and tears, the moment the athletes make the Olympic podium and collect their medals.


Except, in Rio 2016, it's not just medals that the winners get their hands on. Oh no, these lucky athletes also get their hands on something that looks like it belongs in a Kinder Surprise: a small little figurine, a souvenir of their Rio experience.

But what exactly are these small statues, and why are they given out?

What are the little medal ceremony statues anyway?

They've been confused as paperweights and napkin holders, but in actual fact, the little figurines are designed to serve a very special purpose.

The models are actually little 3D-printed versions of the Rio 2016 logo, apparently designed to hold and display the Olympic medal.

Why are they giving out these statues/figurines/medal holder things?


According to the New York Times, the idea was that these little statues would be 'more sustainable' than handing out bouquets of flowers, as past Olympic Games have done.

Christy Nicolay, the executive producer of the victory ceremonies, says flowers often get chucked away: “We give it to an athlete, and very often they just throw it away," she said.

Whereas these little figurines, she hopes, will be kept and treasured. So no putting them on eBay medal winners OK??


In 2012 British canoe sprinters Liam Heath and Jon Schofield threw their bouquet of flowers into the crowd...



Thankfully, when they won silver in 2016, they didn't chuck their new toys at anyone...


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