Did Luis Suarez bite Jamie Carragher? Young fan asks the big question

Former Anfield defender Jamie Carragher was unprepared for a young footballer's cheeky interrogation

One mischievous young Liverpool fan knew exactly what he wanted to ask Jamie Carragher when the former Anfield defender visited a boys training session: was he ever bitten by former teammate Luis Suarez?


Sky pundit Carragher clearly wasn’t prepared for such incisive questioning, and beat a hasty retreat from his young interrogator. Sadly for Carragher, his lack of an answer was caught on camera, and has since been viewed almost 200,000 times.

First the boy struggles to get his attention, shouting, “Jamie! Jamie! Jamie!” When Carragher turns to him, the boy takes his chance: “Did you ever get bitten by Luis Suarez?”

Carragher laughs, but then turns to walk away without answering.


C’mon Jamie, are you hiding something? Perhaps fellow pundit Gary Neville could try get the youngster a proper answer the next time they’re on Sky Sports together.