First look EastEnders pics show Martin Fowler attacked by thugs

And it's all Ben's fault, obviously…

EastEnders Martin fight

EastEnders‘ Martin Fowler (James Bye) finds himself in a dangerous situation as he continues to be controlled by Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden).


New pictures previewing Thursday 17th October’s episode show Martin carrying out another dodgy job  for the menacing Mitchell, accompanied by his thug associate Tubbs.

When the boys go to do a pick-up organised by Ben, who doesn’t want to get his own hands dirty as usual, events spiral out of control and a fight breaks out. Martin ends up caught in the crossfire as fists start to fly – will he be seriously injured?

eastenders tubbs fight

Ben has Martin over a barrel as he could shop wife Stacey Fowler (Lacey Turner) to the cops for her attack on his dad, Phil Mitchell. Mr Fowler thought the score had been settled, but ruthless Ben is not letting it go and is now forcing the stall holder to do anything he asks, no matter how risky or illegal.

Last week the show revisited a murky chapter in the characters’ history when Martin referenced the time he abducted Ben as a kid and dangled him off a railway bridge. The way things are going, it looks like this feud is being fuelled further as Ben’s hold over him tightens…


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