EastEnders spoilers: Rainie tries to blackmail Mick Carter, reveals Tanya Franks

"But the result isn't necessarily as she foresees," says the actress

Unscrupulous Rainie Cross (Tanya Franks) is to put pressure on the Carter family next week when she makes an attempt to get money out of them.


In scenes to be shown on Tuesday 26 August, Rainie will head to the Queen Vic and demands that the Carters give her money to stay quiet about sleeping with Mick. 

Mick (Danny Dyer) is quick to remind Rainie that he didn’t sleep with her. But the ultimatums are enough to make Linda (Kellie Bright) finally crack and she ends up revealing to daughter Nancy (Maddy Hill) that Mick lied in order to protect Ian (Adam Woodyatt).

“Rainie is definitely manipulating the truth when she pays a visit to Mick and Linda,” says actress Tanya Franks to RadioTimes.com. “She sees the opportunity to get some money and puts Mick in a difficult position. The result isn’t necessarily as she foresees, but Rainie will give anything a go if she thinks there’ll be a few quid to be made out of it.”


The atmosphere on screen may be strained between Rainie and the Vic’s landlord and landlady, but it seems that Franks has nothing but praise for the Carter clan: “It’s been absolutely lovely to meet that new family and it’s been great to work in close proximity with Danny [Dyer]. Everyone on that show is lovely. It’s always a pleasure to go back there because it’s a real community.”