The roller coaster of grief took Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) down an unexpected path in EastEnders when she kissed estranged husband Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden), despite holding him responsible for son Dennis Rickman's tragic death. Can the cursed couple really forgive and forget?


This time last week she was threatening him with a knife when he showed up at Denny's wake, but on Monday 6th April emotions were running so high Sharon was drawn back to her other half - having realised the depth of guilt he feels at causing the boat crash that caused his adopted son to drown.

Shaz had reported Phil to the cops and he was willing to own up to everything, only for Ben Mitchell to convince his stepmum to withdraw her statement which meant the Walford hard man was released - despite insisting to super-brief Ritchie Scott he deserved to be punished.

Puzzled at Sharon's change of heart, Phil melted as his stressed spouse admitted she had been through enough and didn't want to lose anyone else in her life - before planting a surprise kiss on his lips…

Clearly their shared pain is clouding any rational judgment, but Mrs M had confided earlier in pals Linda Carter and Ian Beale she had surprisingly found comfort at Phil's presence and believed he was genuinely sorry for his accidental actions.

Phil and Sharon Mitchell

It's not out of the question the couple could end up reuniting, which would be quite an about-turn after the revelation of Sharon's affair with Keanu Taylor caused the mighty Mitchells to implode, setting off a destructive chain of events that climaxed with Denny's demise in the dramatic 35th anniversary week.

Fans are also now speculating a reunited Sharon and Phil could be back behind the Queen Vic bar following Mick and Linda Carter's decision to sell up. Monday's episode also saw Sharon reminisce about growing up in the famous pub with parents Den and Angie Watts in the early days of the show, possibly paving the way for her to return to the boozer.

As a grown up Sharon became the landlady herself, and famously cheated on husband Grant with Phil - then her brother-in-law - which was exposed in the classic 'Sharongate' storyline back in 1994. But those bad memories didn't seem to bother her…

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Meanwhile, Ian continued to sweat at Dotty Cotton blackmailing him over his part in Dennis's death, which Sharon is still oblivious about. If she knew he trapped the teen below deck on the boat as punishment for harassing son Bobby, it could fuel her desire to forgive Phil, who so far has borne the brunt of her wanting to blame someone for her loss…


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