Coronation Street newcomer reveals why Todd Grimshaw is really back: ‘Trouble follows him around’

There are trying times ahead for Todd and his mother.

Gareth Pierce Corrie Todd Grimshaw in Coronation Street

Coronation Street newcomer Gareth Pierce has discussed stepping into the role of Todd Grimshaw, who is returning to the cobbles with danger not far behind.


The character made his full return to the soap this week, a reunion that had previously been teased in the form of a letter from Todd Grimshaw to his mother, Eileen (Sue Cleaver).

Todd has been absent for three years and a lot has happened in the character’s life since then, most recently a run-in with organised crime that sent him home scared.

Speaking to and other press, Pierce said: “Todd is arriving under a bit of a cloud, as he’s got himself tied up with some Manchester gangsters. Like a lot of people when they’re in over their heads, he’s come home to his mum. Trouble absolutely does follow Todd back, so you’ll see how that pans out!”

Despite their past struggles, Eileen and Todd continue to share a close bond, meaning his problems are undoubtedly going to wreak havoc on her life in the coming weeks, starting with an ill-judged plan to fake his own death.

Pierce added: “Todd adores his mum and he’s so pleased to be reunited. For all his faults and some of hers, they have a really close relationship and I think much of their battles are about how much alike they are, to be honest.

“But there are self-interests in coming back. It is these money problems that have brought him back, but I do think that he does feel guilt about bringing them to her door.

“In terms of the funeral, I think that Todd is able to disassociate himself sometimes from his actions and not always immediately empathise with the people that he could be affecting, so I think it’s opportunism, really. He sees this way out and he’s not really considering the effect on anyone else.”

Todd and Eileen’s story continues tonight at 7:30pm on ITV, in a brand new hour-long episode of Coronation Street.


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