Who attacked Adam Barlow? Coronation Street launches whodunnit mystery

Anniversary week ended with a big shock for the Barlows.

coronation street who attacked adam barlow

He’s betrayed his family and riled up the local murderer, now Coronation Street‘s Adam Barlow (Samuel Robertson) is fighting for his life after being attacked and left for dead by a mystery assailant.


Coronation Street’s epic 60th anniversary week reached a cracking climax when the Lothario lawyer received a whack on the head from someone sneaking up behind him as he took refuge in the bistro, following a Barlow family bust-up.

corrie adam barlow attacked

The surprise attack kicks off a major new storyline as the search starts for the person who wanted revenge on the love rat so badly they resorted to violence. So who is in the frame for the fracas, and what are the motives?

Peter Barlow: the betrayed uncle

coronation street peter barlow

Alcoholic Peter (Chris Gascoyne) was driven back to the booze when girlfriend Carla Connor (Alison King) admitted to cheating on him, and finding out it was with his naughty nephew – not some random as ashamed Carla originally claimed – was the last straw. Seen clutching a brick and a bottle of whiskey suspiciously near the scene of the crime, could devastated Peter have lashed out while under the influence?

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Carla Connor: the vengeful one-night stand

coronation street carla connor

Carla begged Adam to keep shtum about their lusty one-night stand, which only happened because Peter had lied about falling off the waggon after he was mugged. When the bearded bloke opened his big gob in front of the whole family it was game over, and Carla desperately went into damage control mode to stop Peter drinking himself to death. She blames Adam for her life falling apart, so did she deliver the blow while out looking for plastered Pete?

Sarah Barlow: the wronged wife

coronation street sarah barlow

Their merry-go-round of a marriage was wrecked by Sarah (Tina O’Brien) covering up the crimes of old flame Gary Windass (Mikey North), after which Adam bedded a string of girls to teach his wife a lesson. The doomed romance was almost back on, then suffered another setback when Mrs B overheard Adam’s confession to sleeping with Carla, who she thought was her friend. On the night in question fuming Sarah publicly told Adam to ‘drop dead’, before the flustered factory worker later dashed home looking extremely shifty. Did she do it?

Gary Windass: the dangerous rival

coronation street gary windass week 31

Adam’s arch-enemy has got major beef with the suave Scotsman: he knows he killed loan shark Rick Neelan and buried him in the woods and has threatened to expose the secret, with only Sarah’s twisted loyalty stopping him. Now the cops are digging around Rick’s disappearance again, potentially jeopardising his future with wife Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon). Adam could easily unravel Gary’s life, could he have committed this vengeful act to stop that happening?


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