Jan’s wife set to make her Casualty debut

There is a new face on the wards!

ffon casualty

Someone we have yet to meet in Casualty is the wife of Jan Jennings (Di Botcher). But that is due to change in tonight’s episode as the police office, Ffion (Stirling Gallacher) finally makes her debut.


Gallacher, who is perhaps best known for her roles in Doctors and Coronation Street, was revealed to be joining the cast earlier this year with her entrance originally due to air sooner, until Casualty took a break from the schedules for a few weeks.

When Jan and Ffion share their first scene, they are right in the midst of an awkward situation when one of them is less prepared to celebrate their wedding anniversary than the other. When Ffion turns up with a gift, a guilty Jan desperately tries to find a restaurant they can go to after lying that she had already arranged one.

Thanks to Fenisha Khatri (Olivia D’Lima), Ffion soon learns that her wife lied and when work causes Jan to not spend any time with her that evening, the two are forced to have a talk where Ffion voices her frustrations at coming second best to her job. Will Jan step up and make more of an effort?

Speaking about joining Casualty earlier in the year Gallacher said: “I am entirely delighted to be joining the longest-running emergency medical drama television series in the world… what’s not to be thrilled about! The added bonus is, of course, the folk that work on this fantastic show.”

ffion jan casualty

“I could not have felt more personally welcomed or professionally supported in what is often a bit of a nerve-wracking build-up to your first days filming. I look forward to many happy hours on Ffion Morgan’s pretend beat.”

Executive producer Simon Harper said at the time: “Jan has a huge and terrifying story coming up in the next series where [her son] Ross comes into her life again – and given that Ross is pretty dodgy and Ffion is a police officer, it’s all going to get pretty turbulent!”


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