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Jan's son makes a shock return in Casualty, but what is he up to?

Not good things we suspect...

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Published: Saturday, 27th February 2021 at 7:20 pm

Jan Jennings (Di Botcher) gets a surprise, and not necessarily a good one, in Casualty when she once again comes into contact with her son, Ross (Chris Gordon) - a drug dealer who has been spending time behind bars and caused all sorts of problems over the years.


Arriving at the hospital, Jan is startled to see him and soon realises that he is still getting himself into one mess after another. Now he has stomach burns and he insists they were from something that happened to him in prison, but he seems keen to keep Jan away from him as much as possible.

He tells her to stay away from him but with his condition concerning her, she cannot help but try to find out more. And when she learns from a guard at the prison that he has done a lot to reform, her interest is piqued.

The information leads to Jan thinking she and Ross have a shot at reconciling, however, when Ffion Morgan (Stirling Gallacher) finds out, she is rattled and thinks that Jan may be setting herself up for yet another fall.

casualty ross drugs jan

Ffion is right to be concerned as the penny soon drops for Jan as to what it is that Ross wants - drugs. Fellow inmates at the prison have learned that not only is he a drug dealer, but his mother is a paramedic and that has left him in a tight spot.

He has asked to be transferred to another prison, but he is currently receiving threats and the only way he will be safe is if he can get his hands on some drugs - and he wants Jan to get hold of some pain medication for him. Will she agree to help Ross out, and what will it mean for her if she does?


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