What does the new Doctor Who trailer tell us about episode two?

Mysterious new enemies and a tempting offer for the Doctor...

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So, what can we learn?

“Imagine, to hold in your hand the heartbeat of every Dalek,” Davros snarls, “so many backs with a single knife.”

“Are you ready to be a God?”

It sounds like Davros is offering the Doctor another chance to wipe out the Daleks in one quick stroke– to commit genocide against his worst enemy for the good of the universe. It’s a moral conundrum the Doctor has faced before, in the classic Tom Baker serial Genisys of the Daleks. The Doctor decided he didn’t have the right at that point, but has millennia of warfare hardened the Doctor’s heart? He certainly looks tempted.

More importantly, why is Davros giving the Doctor the chance to squash his favourite creations?

Speaking of the Dalek’s daddy, he certainly seems to be back in the flush of health, doesn’t he? He’s gloating and cackling like a young man again. Was he faking his illness? Or has the Doctor lived up to his name, and assisted the villain?

The Daleks are still milling about that empty room (seriously, what do they do when they’re not exterminating? small talk?) but the ominous sight of them rising into the sky suggests the children of Skaro may be marching out to war. Again.

Probably the most intriguing part of the trailer is this black and white snippet, where the Doctor seems to be fighting some invisible aliens. What’s with the monochrome? Is he being observed on CCTV (the way he clocks the camera could be a hint) or is it a flashback to some hitherto unseen battle? And what’s its significance to his current predicament?


All will be revealed in episode 2, The Witch’s Familiar.