The Vortex Manipulator: a handy wrist-mounted time travel device favoured by a certain Captain Jack and also used in times of need by anyone who's mislaid their TARDIS.

The main drawback with Vortex Manipulators of course is that they don't actually exist in real life (otherwise I could go back in time to yesterday, write this article and have a few more hours in bed this morning).

There are, however, some very nice screen-accurate replicas of the Vortex Manipulator available. They look the part but part but, other than some flashing LEDs, they don't really do much.

But how about if you gutted the Vortex Manipulator, took the innards of a smart watch, added a Raspberry Pi computer board and used your genius electronics micro-surgery skills to wire them together into the VM?

Then you'd have a wrist mounted Vortex Manipulator which, while it wouldn't quite be able to transport you through time, would contain a pretty powerful computer with lots of cool functionality.

Yep, you guessed it, this guy did just that...

Respect, Jeremy Lee. Now get back to us when you get the time travel functionality up and running and we'll do a follow-up piece. In fact, loan us the Vortex Manipulator and we'll have it written before this one...