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Stranger Things season 4, episode 1 title revealed as writers tease Netflix show's return

The writers room account shared a snap that revealed the title of the premiere

Stranger Things season 3
Published: Thursday, 7th November 2019 at 11:53 am

Stranger Things cemented its reputation as one of Netflix’s most consistently entertaining shows when its third series aired this summer – both terrifying and thrilling audiences and briefly making sailor suits the height of fashion.


And while there may be a while to wait for the story’s next instalment, the show’s creators are already teasing its fourth season.

Taking to Twitter last night, the Stranger Things writers room posted a snap of what looks like the cover for the first episode’s script, accompanied by the caption, “Looking for new members… are you in?”

The picture reveals that the episode – called The Hellfire Club – was written by series creators Ross and Matt Duffer.

The timing of the tease was clearly deliberate - the photo was posted on 6th November , the same day that Will Byers disappears in the show’s first season.

Fans were quick to take to social media with their theories as to the meaning of the episode’s title – with many picking up on the fact that it looks like it could be a reference to the X-Men comics, which features a roster of villains who go by the Hellfire Club moniker.

Season three left a lot of loose threads hanging– including the fate of Chief Hopper and the question of why the Russians were trying to break into the upside down - and fans of the show will no doubt be eager for answers.


However an air date for season four has not yet been announced – and going by previous gaps between series, we could still have a while to wait. We predict that a release date of late 2020 or early 2021 is most likely.


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