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Stranger Things creators say they have "more than three seasons" of the show planned

Season two will set up a story arc that could run and run according to the Duffer brothers

Published: Wednesday, 26th July 2017 at 10:02 am

We're still a few months away from seeing Stranger Things season two, but the show's creators Matt and Ross Duffer are already planning for the Netflix show's long-term future.


The brothers have said that they have plans for "more than three seasons" of the show, and that it is likely to extend to four or five seasons in total.

During an interview with Collider at Comic Con this past weekend, the duo explained that season two will "lay the groundwork for what would be the arc for the rest of the show", and that this arc, which they are still in the process of constructing, will carry over for a few more seasons.

However, they assured that they intend on leaving people wanting more.

"We don’t want to linger too long, we just want to tell the story that we want to tell and get out. Hopefully people are like, ‘I want more!’ and that’s great, but that’s sort of how we want to leave it," Ross Duffer said.

The brothers are intimately involved with the making of their show, writing and directing all of the episodes, and they have no plans to relinquish creative control over the course of the series. They reiterated that Stranger Things will be their sole focus until the series has run its course.

“There is no succession plan. There’s no like, ‘Oh the Duffers are gonna pull back,’" executive producer Shawn Levy told Collider. "It’s a tiny creative team that makes this show, and luckily for us and fans of the show, they’re being offered movies every week but they love this thing they’ve created, they know the value of it."

The pair are currently plotting out season three, and though they couldn't confirm a release date, they said they would try not to make fans wait too long between each season.

“It’s funny that you read these comments and people are mad about the wait, and I’m like ‘I’m gonna die!’ I can’t do anymore for my own sanity," Matt Duffer said. "And also it’s about quality control too. I think it makes a big difference. So we’re trying, but if anything I want more time not less time. I think it’s going to be worth it. What is it, 15 months? We’ll try to stick to that.”


Stranger Things season 2 arrives on Netflix on Friday 27th October 2017


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