Michelle Gomez reveals her favourite ever Doctor Who moment and it’s hilariously brutal

Missy, you so fine


Look, we freaking love Michelle Gomez. As in, we’re in love with Michelle Gomez. As in, we’re irrationally obsessed with the woman who plays Missy. It’s pretty unprofessional for a 90-something-year-old magazine.


Both the character and the actress is nutty. Look at the woman’s mugs.

Look how much she loves playing the villain. She walks around the Gallifrey One convention like a real life megalomaniac.

The woman’s a force of nature, which is why she can take glee in killing another fan favourite character and we’ll still love her afterwards.

Yup, the moment that harrowed thousands of fans was tonnes of fun for the actress doing the harrowing.


Never change, Missy. Never change.