Does this Class picture reveal the big bad organisation behind Coal Hill School?

A blink-and-you'll-miss-it plaque and a mysterious Twitter account point towards EverUpwardReach Ltd being a name to look out for in the first series of Class...


Yesterday saw not one, but two trailers for Doctor Who spin-off Class. But at the moment we’re only interested in the first one, which you can watch below.


Why? Because although not much is known about Class’s over-arching plot, there might be a clue hidden in the very first shot.


Do you see it? It’s the plaque underneath ‘Coal Hill Academy’, the one that reads ‘Sponsored by EverUpwardReach Ltd’.


It could of course mean nothing — a bit of set detail to ground the world of Class in reality. But there is reason to believe that EverUpwardReach Ltd has a part to play; presumably as the shady private sponsor of Coal Hill School, which has since become a Sponsored Academy. (This basically means an independent school that is run by a Government-appointed sponsor, which can either mean an individual or a company. Depending on who you ask, this either frees up schools to innovate or is the creeping danger of privatisation).

Why? Well look at this Twitter account.


It’s the only trace of the company online and only follows Twitter accounts related to Doctor Who and Class. Therefore one could guess that this is a promotional account that has been set up by the BBC, and which will leap into action once Class airs on October 22nd. Backing this up even further is the fact that it says it was set up in 2012, which leads us to suspect that someone either asked or paid the original user to take over the account name. And in case you’re wondering, ‘Per ardua ad astra’ translates as ‘Through adversity to the stars’, which is also the motto of the Royal Air Force.

All of which points towards the idea that EverUpwardReach Ltd could be the new Bad Wolf, Torchwood or Clerics: an organisation that is mentioned every now and then throughout the series and then reveals itself to be something significant towards the finale. Or, again, it could be nothing.

We’ll just have to wait and find out.


Class premieres on BBC3 on October 22nd