Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor idents, stings and Twitter hashtag to be revealed as Atlantis airs

Immediately before and after BBC1's new fantasy drama tonight, viewers can see a brief teaser for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

BBC1 is hoping to persuade viewers to tune in to its new Merlin replacement, fantasy drama Atlantis, tonight by scheduling brief teasers for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special before and after it airs.


Fans are promised “stings” that will reveal the new ident that’s set to accompany future Day of the Doctor announcements, as well as the hashtag Doctor Who bosses hope Twitter users will soon become very familiar with.

Show insiders are also promising further “surprises” during the eight-week run-up to the broadcast of the 50th Anniversary Special on Saturday 23 November, including a “bold, brilliant and unexpected” trailer for the landmark episode.

Along with the news came a backstage image from the set of The Day of the Doctor, showing the Time Lord’s oldest foes the Daleks looking rather less than deadly.


Atlantis airs tonight at 8:25pm on BBC1