Listen to’s Doctor Who podcast: Spyfall – Episode One review

Our weekly series dissecting new Who has launched **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

Jodie Whittaker with Lenny Henry in Doctor Who series 12 (BBC)

Doctor Who is back – and with it comes the first in a new series of weekly review podcasts from!


Huw Fullerton (Sci-Fi and Fantasy Editor) and Morgan Jeffery (Associate Editor) dissect series 12 opener Spyfall – Part One in our debut episode.

Click above for insight and analysis on the return of the Master (Sacha Dhawan) and his Tissue Compression Eliminator, the new-found ‘confidence’ of the Chris Chibnall era and the questions posed by the series opener – are we about the learn the true identity of the Timeless Child?

For more on Spyfall – Part One, be sure to read the nine burning questions we had after watching the episode. If you need a recap on the Master, you can read an abridged history of the villain here, and swot up on Sacha Dhawan – the latest actor to take on the part – with our profile here.

Doctor Who continues on BBC One on Sunday, with star Jodie Whittaker promising that “the questions will keep coming” as series 12 continues.

After Spyfall – Part Two, the series continues with Orphan 55 by writer Ed Hime, who scripted 2018’s It Takes You Away – and according to the cast and showrunner Chris Chibnall, it features a monster that ranks among the show’s most frightening.

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“Ed Hime has written episode three, which is called ‘Orphan 55’ and there are some monsters in that that are terrifying!” Chiball revealed. “They were there on-set, they’re practical monsters.”


“I was actually really scared when I saw one of them – I bricked it, I proper bricked it!” admitted Whittaker. :In rehearsal, he’s like six foot seven, in a suit and he’s running at you down a corridor and I was screaming.”