Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat reveals original plan for Heaven Sent to feature a classic monster

The former showrunner claimed that he originally planned for one of the scariest foes of the Doctor to feature in the series 9 episode

Heaven Sent

Much new information has been gleaned during the recent spate of Doctor Who fan watchalongs – and last night’s event saw Steven Moffat make yet another revelation.


Responding to a fan question about series 9 episode Heaven Sent, the former showrunner claimed that a classic monster had originally been set to appear in the episode – a Weeping Angel.

Moffat made the announcement on Twitter – adding that he’d forgotten that that had originally been the plan.

“I originally planned for it to be a Weeping Angel,” he wrote. “Oh, I’d forgotten that!!”

Doctor Who – Weeping Angels
Doctor Who – Weeping Angels

This was the third watchalong that Moffat has taken part in since the start of the coronavirus lockdown, with the writer having already returned to Twitter to tweet along with rewatches of The Day of the Doctor and The Eleventh Hour.

And before the watchalong started, Moffat asked fans for questions that he’d never been asked before, writing, “Third time round, worried I’m getting boring. You were entitled to think you were rid of me 3 years ago. So make me interesting with BRAND NEW QUESTIONS.”

Heaven Sent, which starred Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor, was chosen for the watchalong to coincide with its star’s birthday.

The episode sees the Doctor attempt to escape after he is trapped in an unusual world while pursued by a fearsome creature known only as the Veil.

It was the latest episode to be chosen for the watchalong treatment – with the live events having proven immensely popular with fans since the lockdown began.

The next watchalong will see Whovians rewatch the double bill of The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End, seen as the culmination of Russell T Davies time at the helm of the show.


Doctor Who returns to BBC One for Revolution of the Daleks in late 2020/early 2021. Check out what else is on with our TV guide