Doctor Who companion Bill sees the universe anew in the series 10 trailer

From Pearl Mackie bolting from the Daleks to emoji battlebots, the Return of Doctor Mysterio ended with an action-packed glimpse into the future...


Stop what you’re doing, unless the thing you’re doing is raking through every frame of the new Doctor Who series 10 trailer. And if you’re not marvelling at the unseen monsters, mind-blowing settings and new companion Pearl Mackie in action then you’re about to.


Why? The end of the Who Christmas special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio, handed out a present Whovians have been waiting for all year: a glimpse at series 10. And as it turns out we were given a very big glimpse.

In fact, the trailer is almost TARDIS-like with an incredible amount of Who action packed inside a deceptively small space. You’ll need to watch closely to digest the full magnificence of the Doctor’s sonic shades, the emoji robots and David Suchet’s mysterious “Landlord” character.

Didn’t quite catch everything in one go? Don’t worry, we were thinking of getting you socks for Christmas, but instead decided to wrap up a complete breakdown of the trailer. Enjoy!


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