Did you spot the Star Trek Easter eggs in Doctor Who Under the Lake?

There were visual references to the Starship Enterprise and its crew in series nine episode three...

It’s not a huge surprise to discover that someone who works on classic sci-fi franchise Doctor Who also loves classic sci-fi franchise Star Trek. But it’s always nice when they express that love by sneaking references into the show for other fans to spot.


Re-watch series nine, episode three, Under the Lake and you should pick up on at least two Easter eggs.

Early on, we glimpse this mural of a ship under attack from a giant sea monster. And crewing the vessel are three figures dressed in distinctive gold, blue and red uniforms just like those that designate the different Star Fleet officer types in Star Trek (gold for command, blue for science and medicine, red for engineering, security and expendability…)

If you think that could just be a coincidence, think again, because the next reference couldn’t be clearer. Look at the number on this bay door as it closes on Clara. Stick NCC in front of it and of course you have the serial number of one USS Enterprise (the B on the end makes it the fourth version of the Enterprise, which launched in the year 2293).

It’s probably going too far, though, isn’t it, to suggest that Clara’s mustard-coloured sweater is a nod to Captain Kirk’s uniform and that she’s really the one in charge, not the Doctor?

Yep, thought so…


The Doctor Who two-parter concludes at 8:25pm on Saturday on BBC1