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A closer look at all four sonics from the Doctor Who Christmas special

The Husbands of River Song was indeed Christmas for fans of things that have been made sonic for some reason. Did you spot all four?

Published: Friday, 25th December 2015 at 5:12 pm

River Song's sonic trowel 


Of course. Of course River Song has a sonic trowel. Why wouldn't she? 

Fans forget – or maybe just don't know – that the sonic screwdriver started out as more of a joke than the omnipotent, get-out-of-plot-free card it is today. It was, after all, just a screwdriver that made a noise. Just the same as the trowel – great for attacking cyborgs, and digging up weeds. 

The Doctor's sonic sunglasses

Great news, everybody – they're back! Yes, despite his shiny new screwdriver – and a fan petition to get rid of them – the Doctor couldn't resist pulling out the sonic shades again to examine the brain of King Hydroflax. We like to think that Steven Moffat added it into the script at the last possible minute, just after being asked 'when is the sonic screwdriver coming back?' for the hundredth time. 

The Doctor's new sonic screwdriver 

Sleeker than Ten's and less try-hard than Eleven's, the Doctor tries out his new sonic screwdriver while he and River are apparently falling to their deaths in a crashing space ship. Proof that wearing a pair of shades and going 'bzzzz' will never be as good as pointing a thing at a thing and going 'bzzzz'.


River Song's fateful sonic screwdriver 

It has taken us a long time to go full circle, but here we finally are. We first saw River Song's mystery screwdriver in 2008 two-parter Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, which she insisted was given to her by a future incarnation of the Doctor. Now we finally get to see that moment – all lovingly wrapped for their final, 24 year long night together, before it will eventually save her consciousness to a data core forever. Can't beat that for a good Christmas pressie.


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