In its near 100-year history, television has never been this big - or this varied. The choice of programmes, even on free to air TV, is surely richer than it has ever been before. But when you add in the explosion of shows offered by the streaming platforms, the options facing a viewer when deciding what to watch are simply dizzying.


Radio Times has always aspired to guide you to the best programmes, without too much spin, and our mission today is no different from the one we embarked on 99 years ago when Lord Reith launched the magazine: to point you towards the best of broadcasting. But to do that in 2022 requires not just judgement and time - we set out to watch every programme we preview - it also requires rather more pages.

Which is why this week we are unveiling some changes to your regular magazine.

The first thing you will notice is that we have devoted more space to the streaming services. Television's digital revolution shows no signs of slowing and with more shows to watch and more services to cover, we think we can now offer you the best guidance in more detail than ever before.

On traditional TV our aim remains the same: to list your favourite channels in as much detail as possible. But we're delighted to have been able to include two more channels, as requested by you – and also to include more detailed choices. We have also embedded our film reviews on the listings pages, so that you can more easily find the movies you want to watch on any given day.

With a new This Week section to preview some of the best entertainment in store for you over the next seven days, we think these changes add up to a better magazine. But, of course, we will let you be the judge of that. Do get in touch and let us know what you think on We hope you enjoy the issue.

Tom Loxley & Shem Law – Editors, Radio Times

Vicky McClure on Radio Times cover

What's new in this week's Radio Times magazine?

STREAMING – More shows, more previews, more choice

  • Keep up to speed with the streaming revolution with our new expanded guide to the pick of the shows on demand – from Amazon to Netflix, Disney+ to Apple TV+, and from BBC iPlayer to All 4.

THIS WEEK – News, interviews & Jane Garvey

  • Television has never been as big – or as good. Read all the latest news from the television grapevine and meet the biggest names in entertainment. Plus RT’s voice of TV, Jane Garvey.

FREEVIEW – New channels

  • We’ve added listings for Food Network and Blaze, the top two channels requested by readers!

FILMS– Easier to use

  • We’ve moved our film reviews, so that they’re now a part of each day’s listings, and sit next to the channels they refer to.

SPORT – Quick & easy

  • Want to know what time and channel your team’s match is on? We’ve made it easier to find out, with our sport-by-sport listings.

NEW PODCAST – View From My Sofa

  • Don’t miss our brand new Radio Times podcast... Every week our guests share the secrets of their TV life. What do they watch? Where do they watch it? Who do they watch with? Plus, the shows that inspired their own love of television. This week’s guest is James May!

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