Has Sophie Turner tattooed a Game of Thrones spoiler onto her body?

"The pack survives," says the Sansa Stark actress's new inking. But what could it mean for the final series...?

Sophie Turner at Game of Thrones premiere

Is Sophie Turner’s new Game of Thrones wolf tattoo a massive spoiler for series eight?! We may be barking (sorry) up the wrong tree here – but the actress might actually be sending us a big message about the future of Sansa Stark.


Tattoo artist Lauren Winzer shared a photograph of Turner’s forearm, where she’s inked a wolf (or direwolf?) and the words, “The pack survives.”

That is, of course, part of the phrase the late Ned Stark teaches his kids Sansa and Arya way back at the start of Game of Thrones: “The lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”

And Sansa mentions it to her sister on a wall at Winterfall in series seven in the aftermath of Littlefinger’s death.

So: could the new inking suggest that the Stark family WILL survive the eighth and final season? Will the pack (i.e. the Starks) avoid death by working together?

Sure, production for season eight is so secretive that the scripts self-destruct to avoid spoilers leaking out, but producers would be pretty powerless to stop Turner’s “spoiler” seeing as it’s permanently tattooed onto her body. Checkmate.

Of course, it’s possible Turner just really likes wolves, and wanted the quote as a way of remembering the show that shot her to fame.


But with so long to wait until Game of Thrones returns to our screens, you can’t blame us for seizing on every scrap of innocuous information like a pack of wolves…

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