The first full trailer for Game of Thrones season eight has finally been revealed.


The fantasy drama has been building towards its final season for almost two years, but this is the first opportunity fans have had to see exactly what is in store as Game of Thrones comes to an end.

The six episode final season of George RR Martin's epic fantasy drama is set to air from April 2019, bringing one of the biggest TV series in history to a close.

Watch the Game of Thrones season eight trailer below.

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In the short new teaser we catch glimpses of Maisie Williams’ Arya Stark fleeing from an unknown enemy, general preparations for an epic battle at Winterfell (some of which we see in short bursts, most notably Arya doing some fancy water-dancing) and some cool shots of dragons flying over the castle and in a portion of the frozen North.

We can also celebrate the return of Beric Dondarrion (Richard Dormer) and Tormund Giantsbane (Kristopher Hivju), who are alive and well following the destruction of the Wall last season – even if they do have some pretty bad tidings to bring to Jon and Dany.

The White Walkers are in Westeros – and as one approaches Winterfell on horseback, you know things will never be the same again.

“Our enemy doesn’t tire,” Jon (Kit Harington) says in voiceover. “Doesn’t stop. Doesn’t feel.”

Sounds like Game Over to us…

Interestingly, showrunner DB Weiss has expressed his discomfort at having to release trailers at all, saying that he would rather fans came to the series completely fresh.

“I wish there were no trailers,” Weiss said previously. “I just want somebody to say, ‘Trust me, go see this.’”

Fellow showrunner David Benioff added, “[David Lynch] was saying he wished there were no trailers, and it’s true.”

Despite their concerns, US broadcaster HBO has released a number of teasers and brief snatches of footage in the build-up to the final season, including a teaser at the start of the year showing the Stark children – Arya, Sansa and Jon Snow – reuniting at the family crypt in Winterfell.


Game of Thrones will return to TV in the US on Sunday 14th April 2019. In the UK the series will be simulcast on Sky Atlantic, and repeated on the evening of Monday 15th April