What is Twitter 10k and is it a good idea?

Reports suggest Twitter is considering expanding its character limit for tweets to a whacking 10,000, but would that be a good or a bad thing? Have your say here...


Twitter, the micro-blogging, 140-character social media platform could be about to change. According to tech news site Redcode, Twitter bosses are considering dispensing with the platform’s USP and allowing users to tweet messages up to 10,000 characters long (10,000 characters is a lot, as Techcrunch has demonstrated).


Under the plans described, larger tweets would still appear the same size in your timeline but would be expandable, so you’d still see as many posts as you do now.

Is this a good idea? There are various arguments for and against the change, depending on how you use Twitter, what you love about it and what you hope to get from it but they basically (more or less, kind of) distill down to the following two tweets.


So what do you think, is expanding Twitter’s character limit to 10,000 a good or a bad idea? Cast your vote now and have your say below…