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How to download the Love Island Winter 2020 app - how it works and how to vote

Everything you need to know about the interactive app that accompanies the hit dating show ahead of the first winter edition

Published: Tuesday, 7th January 2020 at 5:22 pm

The first ever winter edition of Love Island is upon us, and viewers up and down the country will be scrabbling for every possible piece of information about the latest group of singles whisked away to a sunny South African paradise.


And besides watching the show itself – and checking for the latest updates, of course – one of the best ways of keeping up with all the latest developments iis through the official Love Island app.

How do I download the Love Island App?

The app is available for free to Apple iOS and Android users. You can download the Love Island App from the iTunes App Store here or on Play Store here or via your Apple or Android devices.

How to use the Love Island App

The app features a range of fun and useful sections, with two main tabs at the top – Latest and Discover.

The Latest tab includes all the most recent information about the Islanders, with pics, videos, news and quizzes, in addition to some listicles and polls.

The Discover section has more detailed information about each of the Islanders – with each of them having their own space.

As well as the two main sections, there are a couple of other functions of the app that can be accessed from the bar at the bottom of the home page.

This includes the option to vote (read more below) the shop, and a section called More.

The shop allows you to buy all of the latest merch – including bottles, suitcases, makeup, sunglasses and accessories.

As things stand, the More tab just contains links to the Love Island social media profiles, and information about terms and conditions etc – but it’s likely this will be added to as the series gets underway.

How to vote using the Love Island App

One of the most important functions of the app is that it allows viewers to vote for the favoured couples – and for free. To do this is relatively easy – simply navigate to the Vote tab and follows the instructions there as soon as the voting window is open.

There are a couple of restrictions – no more than six devices can be registered to one account, and you are only permitted one vote on each of these devices per voting window.


Love Island returns Sunday 12th January on ITV2


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