ITV2 announces new dating show The Cabins

Imagine moving in on the first date...

The Cabins will air on ITV2

ITV has revealed a brand new dating show, which will challenge two singletons to move in with each other… on the first date.


In a world increasingly dominated by texting, social media and dating apps, this series challenges its participants to take time away from their screens and focus on getting to know their prospective partners.

They will immediately move in to a luxurious log cabin together, complete with a hot tub and beautiful scenery, located somewhere in the British countryside.

Against this romantic backdrop, they will have plenty of time to get to know each other, but will they like what they discover? Expect reactions to vary wildly from heartfelt declarations of love to some excruciatingly awkward silences.

Viewers will be able to follow all the antics as they unfold, watching sparks fly as new love blossoms or witnessing the flame flicker out as difficult conversations take over.

After 24 hours of each other’s company, the couple then have to decide whether they would like to spend more time together or call it a day and walk away.

Paul Mortimer, ITV’s Head of Digital Channels and Acquisitions said: “This is a fantastic new format which challenges young people to delete the apps and attempt to date face-to-face, with no distractions.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing this show to ITV2 viewers who will have front row seats, eavesdropping on our couples as they attempt to find true love.”

Based on an ITV format, international versions of the series have already been produced, proving particularly popular in the Netherlands, which has already seen more than 200 episodes under the title Let Love Rule.

ITV2 is a natural fit for The Cabins, as the home of dating juggernaut Love Island and its spin-off Love Island: Australia, which concluded last month.

Casting is currently underway for The Cabins. To apply, email


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