Made in Chelsea debuts a big change for new Buenos Aires spin-off

The series has introduced a major tweak heading into the new episodes

Made in Chelsea: Buenos Aires

Last series, Made in Chelsea broke the fourth wall – now, a new spin-off series is going to introduce another twist to the long-running E4 show.


Made in Chelsea: Buenos Aires kicks off tonight (Monday, 9th December) at 9pm on E4 and sees Chelsea’s young elite head out to Argentina – and wherever they go, they take the drama with them!

Viewers might notice something a little different in the first episode, though, with the show using handheld camera work for the first time, a break from its standard polished production.

In a clip exclusive to, Jamie Laing and Sophie ‘Habbs’ Habboo argue after she discovers Jamie has been messaging other girls – so far, so classic Chelsea.

But as their clash gets more heated and Habbs flees in tears, we follow her and Jamie up into the bedroom, the pair now being shot using handheld cameras in documentary-style, ‘fly on the wall’ footage that’s totally new to the show. understands that the filming switch-up was made to ensure that Made in Chelsea is constantly evolving, with the handheld filming allowing the production of the show to remain as reactive as possible, capturing developing storylines as they happen.

It marks another milestone for the show which last series saw Sam Thompson ‘break the fourth wall‘ by acknowledging the show’s existence, and that of the filming crew, on-screen for the first time.


Made in Chelsea: Buenos Aires will air on E4 on Monday nights for four weeks, starting tonight.