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Where the Love Island USA contestants are now - which season 1 and 2 couples are still together

***Contains major spoilers for Love Island series one and two***

Love Island USA
Published: Friday, 2nd October 2020 at 2:35 pm

Things are getting heated in the Love Island USA villa. Season two has now wrapped in the US after it debuted on August 24th, and the UK are just two weeks behind on ITV.


As the second series has come to an end, it means the winners have already been announced and lots of contestants are already testing their relationships in the outside world.

Justine Ndiba and Caleb Corprew were crowned the winners of the 2020 series, making history as the first ever Black couple to win the series worldwide.

"There has been a lot of stuff going on in the world around us, and our love is unapologetically Black, so thank you America for loving our love," Corprew said shortly after their win.

But will the couple be able to make it in the real world?

Here's where the Love Island USA contestants are now, from series one to series two.

Season two


Love Island USA contestant Justine
Love Island USA contestant Justine ITV

The fiery islander was left disappointed when Jeremiah chose to couple up with Cely, despite her stepping forward for him.

She ended up with him by default after Tre came and stole Cely from J. However, he ditched her the moment Rachel came into the villa (she dumped him anyway).

Justine decided to couple up with Tre, before moving onto new arrival Caleb who she got on with like a house on fire.

Things certainly blossomed for the duo, with Justine and Caleb going on to win the 2020 series.

We sure hope their love can last in the real world.


He came in as a bombshell on day five, and despite coupling up with Rachel first, it was game over once he got with Justine on Day 12.

The couple remained together and even survived the dreaded Casa Amor twist.

In the last week, Caleb told his mum, dad and sisters: "Justine may very well be the one."

The couple went on to win the series, making history as the first ever Black winners on the series worldwide.

Only time will tell if they make it on the outside.


Love Island USA contestant Cely
Love Island USA contestant Cely ITV

Cely caught the attention of not one, but three boys during the premiere of Love Island USA. Despite not stepping forward for Jeremiah, he picked her anyway. However, Tre came along and stole her from him.

At the end of the show, though, Johnny came in and swept her off her feet.

The couple seemed pretty solid, that was until Casa Amor came to whip them in shape. Although they both remained loyal to one another, Johnny did return to the villa with some secrets after kissing another girl.

He did come clean to Cely, and she was devastated but the two managed to put things behind them and make their romance official.

They left the show as runners-up. We sure hope their romance continues to blossom off screen.


Love Island USA contestant Johnny
Love Island USA contestant Johnny ITV

He had the pick of the bunch when he came in on day one, and Johnny decided to couple up with Cely. The couple were going strong until Johnny hit a bump in the road and kissed another girl at Casa Amor.

Nevertheless, they left the show as boyfriend and girlfriend and even finished as runners-up.


Love Island USA contestant Moira
Love Island USA contestant Moira ITV

She coupled up with James at the first recoupling, however, things soon turned sour between them when new boy Calvin came into the villa and took her on a date. James got a little bit jealous and it eventually pushed her away and led to him being dumped from the Island.

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Love Island USA contestant Mackenzie
Love Island USA contestant Mackenzie ITV

She's been coupled up with Connor since day one, but their relationship isn't without fault. In week two, new girl Lauren entered the villa and ruffled feathers as she set her sights on Connor. Connor even admitted he was interested in her, and Mac had a huge meltdown.


Cely Love Island USA contestant
Love Island USA contestant Kaitlynn ITV

On day one, the promotor, 27, coupled up Carrington, 23. However, he decided to make a go of things with late arrival Kierstan by day five, leaving Kaitylnn to pack up her things and head home.

Despite missing "Moira, James and Rachel", she seems to have taken the dumping pretty well. Since leaving the villa, the reality TV star has been reunited with her pals and has been sharing lots of pics to her Instagram.

Speaking of her experience she said: "It's been a short and sweet ride, a little bit sour at times but thank you all for watching!"


Love Island USA contestant Tre
Love Island USA contestant Tre ITV

He was left single after Johnny came in and stole Cely off of him. They do say, 'what goes around comes around' because he did take Cely from Jeremiah! Anyway he decided to crack on with Justine, however, when new girl Lauren walked in, he seemed to have found his match and the duo coupled up.

Unfortunately, they were both dumped from the villa on day 15.

The personal trainer recently shared a video on his Instagram, thanking viewers for their support. But so far no sign of whether he'll be continuing things with Loz...


Love Island USA contestant Connor
Love Island USA contestant Connor ITV

The Auditor, 23, is currently coupled up with Mackenzie, 24. But with several meltdowns under their belt, things didn't look too promising for the duo.


Love Island USA contestant James
Love Island USA contestant James ITV

Poor James was sent packing on day nine, after freaking out over new boy Calvin taking Moira on a date.

During his exit interview, he said: "It's a sad time leaving the villa. I met a lot of people - life long friends. I'm excited to see what's next!"

And it sounds like he's learnt his lesson, as he added: "I need to maybe listen more and try not to be too defensive when it comes to dating."


Love Island USA contestant Jeremiah
Love Island USA contestant Jeremiah ITV

He decided to recouple with new girl Rachel, after finding no connection with Justine who he ended up with by default. But Karma is a dish best served cold, as Rachel decided to dump him from the villa on day nine.

Despite his departure it sounds like Jeremiah could be planning a return to the villa.

In his exit interview, he said: "The time is up, but it's not the end" and he has been reposting fan comments asking for him to come back.


Love Island USA contestant Carrington
Love Island USA contestant Carrington ITV

After a poor start with Kaitlynn, Carrington seemed to have found his feet with new girl Kierstan. But that all changed when he returned from Casa Amor.

Love Island USA season one

Zac Mirabelli and Elizabeth Weber — Split

They coupled up from the very first episode of the season one and went on to win the first series last year. But sadly, things didn't stay the same once they left the villa. Despite contemplating marriage, Zac and Elizabeth have since broken up.

The couple announced the news on Instagram.

“The breakup was mutual and we have left on amicable terms,” Zac wrote. “We simply wanted different things and it wasn’t fair to either of us to continue on a path that no longer served either of us or our differing interests.”

Ray Gantt and Caro Viee — Uncertain

They left as a couple, and it looked as though things were going strong between them. Despite having a long distance relationship (he’s in NYC, she’s in LA), they decided to make things work.

However, the pair haven't been pictured together in a while and they've deleted all traces from their Instagram, which isn't a good sign...

Ray and Caro

Weston Richey and Emily Salch — potentially split

The couple haven't made any official statements, but it looks like they could longer be. Weston has shared a few videos of the two of them together on his YouTube page, but it’s been a while since the last one. Plus, they’ve stopped following each other on Instagram.

Dylan Curry and Alexandra Stewart — Split

They were one of the cutest couples on the show, but it must be something in the Love Island water, because just like their fellow cast mates, things didn't work out for them.

Shortly after Thanksgiving 2019, they took to their respective Instagram Stories to share the news.

“Hey y’all. Little weird...But you guys followed along our journey and I’ve been getting plenty of questions,” Dylan wrote. “Alex and I are no longer together. [...] Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.” Alex shared a similar statement, writing: “Our story was a fairytale romance for me, but sometimes things just don’t work out.”


Love Island USA is on ITV2 at 9pm. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV Guide.


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