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With all the drama that happened after the series, we need a Love Island: Australia reunion show

We've become so invested in Love Island: Australia season one, we want more, says Grace Henry

Love Island: Australia
Published: Wednesday, 1st July 2020 at 9:39 am

We've all been fully addicted to Love Island: Australia, and it's been turning up the heat on ITV2 for the past two weeks.


During this period, fans have fallen in love with the show's contestants, with many wanting to know where they are now.

So wouldn't now be the perfect time for ITV to film some kind of reunion show, revealing what all the contestants are up to now - almost two years since they filmed the show?

Of course there's lots of information already out there, and a quick Google search will allow you to find the respective social media accounts of all the contestants.

But there's nothing like a big reunion, with questions, look backs on the show and proper one-to-one conversations, to really show you what's happened since the cameras stopped rolling.

On the UK version of the show, we're used to seeing all the contestants back together just a week after the winners have been crowned, but the thing with that is, nothing has really changed since we watched the show just days ago.

We all know the big stuff doesn't actually happen until like a year later when the couples actually decide if they want to go all the way, or if they just wanted a clothing deal, ahem.

Love Island Christmas reunion, ITV Pictures
Love Island Christmas reunion, ITV Pictures

With almost two years having passed since the whole Aussie gang were together, so much is bound to have happened, from babies, to splits and so much more, which is why now would be the perfect time to get the contestants back together.

At present, understands that ITV have made no other announcements since they decided to air season one of the show, however, any further statements will be made in due course.

With this in mind, we think ITV should give us that one last chapter to Love Island: Australia season one journey to wrap things up nicely.

We were initially looking forward to another series of the UK version, but due to coronavirus it was cancelled.

Nevertheless, ITV saved the summer by broadcasting season one of the Aussie version, and honestly we've become completely invested.

Now, we just want that little bit more so we can get the full picture (and sleep well at night knowing that Grant got a good talking to!).


Love Island: Australia airs nightly on ITV2 at 9pm. If you’re looking for more to watch, check out our TV guide.


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