Adele Roberts is the first celebrity to be voted off I’m a Celeb 2019

The public has voted, and our first celebrity has left the jungle

Adele Roberts

Adele Roberts is the first celebrity to be voted off I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! 2019.


“I’m just amazed I lasted this long,” Roberts told Ant and Dec following her elimination, noting that she was proud of herself for lasting so long in the competition without ducking out of any of the challenges.

“At least I’m first at something!”

In her leaving interview, Roberts also explained her love of broadcaster Jane McDonald, which had her campmates and viewers at home scratching their heads when she chose a framed picture of McDonald as a luxury item early in the series.

“When it’s early in the morning…and I have to be upbeat, she just makes me smile,” Roberts said. “With my friends and family and my girlfriend, I can’t choose just one person.”

Though she didn’t have quite as hard a job picking who she’d like to win the competition.

“I’d be happy for anyone to win it…but Nadine. Nadine’s my girl,” she said.

Adele’s elimination from jungle life comes after our celebrities were ‘cursed’ on Thursday night’s episode, and followed a slight voting error when votes from the I’m a Celebrity app were unable to be counted.

The ‘curse’ saw our celebrities being forced to only eat rice and beans unless they managed to free themselves from the curse through a series of tasks.

Yesterday’s Bushtucker Trial saw Nadine and Roman be the first celebrities to free themselves from the curse, after breaking out their tanks the fastest.

Andy and Andrew uncursed themselves after the jungle banquet, while Myles and Adele won the third reckoning.

After winning themselves a decent meal, the ‘uncursed’ celebrities then had to continue fighting their fellow cursed campmates in a bid to win immunity, including in a disgusting film-based task that saw the campmates downing blended animal part smoothies.


I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! continues every night at 9pm on ITV