Claude Littner parle français, Apprentice candidates can’t…

C'est bon!

Tonight half of The Apprentice candidates head to France in order to buy a whole load of items on Lord Sugar’s ‘shopping list’. And while some of the hopefuls are actually fluent in French (handy), there’s a fair few turning to their secondary school knowledge in order to get by with overseas negotiation.


And as they struggle to dust off anything past the ‘je m’appelle’ phrases they learnt at school, new aide Claude Littner is tittering away in the background because he’s actually got a bit of secret… he’s fluent in French.

Oh yes indeedy. Claude knows everything that’s being said. What’s being said right, what’s being said wrong, what would make sense to absolutely no one ever…

The candidates have no idea. Is he helping? Why of course not. He’s there purely to observe and watch the madness unfold.

C’est bon!


The Apprentice continues tonight at 9:00pm on BBC1