Grand National 2015: name that horse!

What do you mean, they all look the same?

On Saturday, 40 horses will thunder over the first fence in the 2015 Grand National. But how the hoof are you meant to tell which is which?


On the day itself all you probably care about is the nag you picked in the sweepstake, but Channel 4 commentator Simon Holt will have to be on his game. It’s his job to memorise all 40 runners in the Grand National – and it’s not just the colours of the jockeys that will help him call the race.

“The first part, where there are 40 runners running down to the first fence, is the most difficult,” he says. “You can’t see the wood from the trees, and you are looking for anything that can help identification. Is a horse wearing a sheepskin noseband? Does it have a white face?”


OK then, if that’s the way it works, let’s have a little test. We’ve taken pictures of 12 noble steeds from this year’s Grand National. All you have to do is identify which is which. Simple, right?